Paula Caracappa 

Founder of the Awaken Wellness Fairs
Co-Founder of Awaken Your Holistic Business

Holistic paths to wellness are my passion. I empower people with  information and the motivation

needed to transform themselves into their personal best selves -- often through growing their


After working for years as a holistic practitioner, I envisioned helping many more people

than I could do through my singular practice... and I created the Awaken Wellness Fairs. 

The Fairs provide a platform for holistic healers, speakers, vendors and readers to present

their services and products.

Now, I see that my own experiences -- including the mistakes -- can help others on the path to creating a successful holistic business

​meet the Co-Founders

Kathy D'Agostino

CEO - Win at Business Coaching

Co-Founder of Awaken Your Holistic Business

Kathy is a Business Coach, Trainer and Facilitator for her company Win at Business Coaching. She works with small business owners and holistic practitioners, providing coaching/consulting services, to help them grow and scale their business reaching new levels of success.

Kathy received her Certified Professional Coach credential from the distinguished Institution for Professional Excellence in Coaching [IPEC], Assoc. Coach Certification from International Coaching Federation [ICF] and is a coach/trainer for the Core Values Index™(CVI™) assessment. She holds a BS in Organizational Management.