Creating Community

We provide you with a supportive and understanding community focused on practical and easy solutions for your business.

Who is this program for? 

 Solopreneurs who :

  • feel stuck in growing their business
  • are frustrated…not being able to figure out the next steps 
  • are not making the money they deserve to earn
  • aren’t having very much fun and thinking this is “too hard"
  • are tired of doing this alone

We’ve all heard the quote “if nothing changes, then nothing changes” which, of course, means if you want different results and you are not getting the results you deserve, then you have to change what you are doing!

You’ll have the opportunity to connect and share ideas with other like-minded entrepreneurs. You'll find accountability on a level that is rarely available.  

How does this happen? 

First of all, you share the teleconferences with like-minded holistic business people who are facing the same challenges as you are.  Not only do you receive valuable, tried-and-true methods from the program itself, but you share ideas and solutions with the other class members.  Usually their issues are the same as your issues.  Everyone learns and grows together!  

In addition, each member is invited to have an "accountability buddy" with whom to share weekly goals, and encouragement.  This accountability is key!  Up till now,  the only accountability has been to one's self.  And we all know how easy it is to make excuses to ourselves!  This give you a real person who is gong to hold you accountable for your actions.  Someone who will also cheer you on as you achieve each of your planned objectives, large or small.