Who are they?

Motivated, enthusiastic, a positive thinker & spiritually open

Caring, warm and supportive

Respectful of others

Know what they value and respects others’ values

Action taker and follows through on commitments

Get “the big picture” view of the world

Committed to personal growth and is open to learning new things 

What do they want?

To make difference in the world by serving more people 

Believe in abundance and the ability to make a good living

Are seeking a more balanced life

Seeking growth, prosperity and transformation 

Contribute to their clients, society and the world in a bigger way and looking for a way to do that 

What their business looks like…

Already in a holistic business – at least with a few clients

One person business or with a small team

Make their own financial decisions

Follow through on commitments

Consider  themselves a business with a purpose & passion + looking to grow 

NOT a successful business owner …

Resistant to new ideas and isn’t open to change

Unappreciative, arrogant or feels superior to others

Blamers, complainers, critical or disrespectful of others

Avoids showing up, doing the work and creates disruptions

Chronically late, drains the energy from others and is unsupportive